ICARE Team Home Health Care, LLC
ICARE Team Home Health Care, LLC

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ICARE Team Home Health Care, LLC examined how the shift toward health care’s “second curve” is impacting the leadership, talent, and organizational models of healthcare systems. As such, healthcare organizations are responding to the changes within the field and building the teams needed to achieve their strategic priorities.
ICARE utilizes various organizational models to improve client’s health, determine the best healthcare methods, advocate the latest health-related innovations, ensure efficiency and effectivity, and attest that all clients receive the right care for them,

Our success in hiring health professionals and in promoting internal candidates to first-time leadership roles can be attributed to the careful defining of the technical knowledge and required leadership skills and consistent assessing of candidates against those capabilities.

ICARE Strategic Priority
Improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery, providing better patient care, and aligning with partners to share risk and provide services along the continuum of care. In the survey of PCAs and care system leaders about their priorities, one strategic imperative rose to the top: Improving efficiency through productivity caregiver respondents.